2 Size

4 Colors

1 Thickness

9 (MATT) / 10 (STRUCTURED) Rating

9 Random

Sightly noticeable

Floor tile

Wall tile


Polar Black is the soul of black granite where its original roots from India, home of the historic trade routes, as well as, vast culture. Polar Black with its full body porcelain, peaks of its excellent quality that carries an elegant look on the matt and structured surfaces, beautifies the environment in your home and office surroundings and gives the absolute touches of harmony. It has light veins of pearly white which creates a distinctive look and preciousness to the final touch.

Product Specifications

TypeFloor & Wall
SurfaceMatt / Structure
Thickness (mm.)10
Size (cm.)30x60, 60x60
BrandNiro Granite
Product CodeGPB


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